About the photographer

A photographer from the centre of the New Forest who likes his music loud.

Dutch Newchurch has been my nickname for many years and has become associated with my photography.

I took up photography as a hobby around 1980, using film until 2003. Digital cameras revitalised my interest although I occasionally use film still.

The galleries on my portfolio page reflect my photographic interests. I've always been fascinated by flight, and I first started to use a serious camera so that I could photograph aircraft. I've always liked live music and regularly had my camera confiscated by security staff at gigs in my early years. In the last few years I've had more success at music photography, at least in terms of far fewer confiscations.

Most recently I've become interested in portraits, and the galleries will give you an idea of what sort of direction I'm taking there.

My photographs have been exhibited internationally; USA, France, Egypt, Australia, Canada and others.

Awards include AFIAP, a bronze medal from the international Flash Music awards, and awards from the international Rock exhibition.

I set up Forest Moon Studio as a formal venture in 2015 having worked on a number of specific projects earlier in the year.


  • 'He has a strong awareness of both light and angles...'

    Jobless Mermaid
  • 'He is wonderful at capturing the image at just the right time and getting that "perfect shot"...'.

    Charlotte S
  • 'Highly professional and a really nice guy...'.

    Jules Robson
    Makeup Artist
  • 'Incredibly professional, easy to get along with'

    Katie Johnson
    Hair and Makeup Artist
  • 'A very astute and dedicated photographer who knows exactly what he wants to accomplish.'

  • 'An absolute pleasure to meet and work with.'

    Incandescent Joy
  • 'An intelligent, relaxed, friendly man who communicates his enthusiasm clearly, leaving plenty of space for collaborative ideas to develop too.'